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We are a few and many. We are experienced and learning. We are solitary and social. We are a work in progress, constantly learning, cribbing, pie-in-the-sky-ing, going back to the beginning and jumping too far ahead. We started Founder’s House to foster a collective of women whose individual stories would contribute to the value of our whole. What unifies us is our diverse, varied backgrounds and shared desire for success—whatever that means to you. We are powered by people, personal narratives, programming and our passion for individual progress.

We’re a community, an educational platform, a gathering space for you. We are you.

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We curate distraction-free education, smart social events, and enriching connections. By lining up and providing access to luminaries, industry game-changers, and experts, we’re helping to nourish your internal ambition, curiosity and potential. We also want to encourage you to become your own expert. Our goal is to help you walk out of one of our events inspired, informed and ready to get going with your next project, business, creation, or idea. Action is the end game. And if you’re not quite there yet? That’s cool, too. Our aim is to help crystallize the ‘what ifs’ and ‘maybes’ in your brain to further them along and assist you in finding yourself and tapping into your potential, your essence.

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Women at all phases and stages. You might be a CEO, you might be a SAHM. Maybe you’re mid-stream at a startup, maybe you’re dreaming about a project but can’t quite firm up the details to actualize it. Our space is safe and inclusive and open to women who are dreamers, doers, mothers, makers. We invite all of you who are ready to take the next step in your business, your life, to join us in this journey towards the ‘next’, whatever that is for you.



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Our mission at The Founder’s House is to empower women through education and connections. The Founder’s House is built upon the belief that by providing community-powered events and content with access to experts, resources and inspiration, you can find your own path both personally and professionally.

Our goal is to create programming that informs and empowers and helps our community create meaningful, productive relationships. We hope to help you define success and achieve personal fulfillment—both in your personal life and within your business ventures.